Bozo Plans to Nobble the Electoral Commission

Bozo the clown doesn’t like the electoral commission. They pry into things like whether Vote Leave broke the referendum campaign rules. They investigate whether politicians have taken backhanders for favours, for example when they have their flat redecorated at eye watering cost. Now Bozo has a solution, he’s going to nobble the electoral commission by removing its power to prosecute.

If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, just imagine if the CPS could no longer prosecute crimes. The crimes would still be on the statute book, but anyone could break the law with impunity. This is what Bozo’s government plans to do with electoral law.

If this is such a big deal, why isn’t all over the press? Why aren’t news organisations clamouring to protect one of the few remaining organisations that can call a government to account?

Yes, I’m wondering that too. In the meantime, there’s yet another petition that can be signed.