Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

Isn’t the war in Ukraine terrible?

Which brings me neatly to Ascension Day. Happy Day after Ascension Day everybody! Yes, Jesus has gone up into space on a rocket propelled cloud and is well into inter-stellar space by now.

And to anyone who thinks I just bolted on the war in Ukraine as a feeble excuse pretending to talk about the news, I’ll remind you that it was Ascension Day in Ukraine too (except the heretical Orthodox sect who don’t celebrate it ’till June 2).


Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I went for a walk in Battersea and saw a bad piece of art. Which brings me to other stuff. There’s a tiny quote from the Big Book of Magic Stuff which is marginally relevant to the other stuff that is related to the bad piece of art I saw in my walk in Battersea.

And that is the Big News today from a Faith Perspective.