His Grace The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England

My Dear Flock

The main ingredient today is based around a fantastic pope. Add generous amounts of the poor, invisible and indispensable. The sort of people who are certainly not invited on Thought For The Day.

Sprinkle with just a hint of blessing, inter-dependence, care and kindness.

Add a generous dressing of reality, repentance, justice and forgiveness.

Serve on a bed of relationship, dignity and value, in our households, our neighbourhoods, our cities and our regions, our nation and the world.

Add a side of hope, wonder, love and gratitude with the gift of creation (but carefully remove the creation of viruses first).

And that is my diverse and beautiful word salad for you this morning. Join me at half past eight for an extended list of absolutely gorgeous words in this otherwise wicked, secular, hedonistic radio programme.

Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Happy International Widows Day everybody!

The Big Book of Magic Stuff doesn’t actually have a special day for widows, but I’m absolutely certain that all the authors of the Old Tasty Mint would approve of an International Widows Day. This makes the International Widows Day approved of by the Big Book of Magic Stuff and therefore a Good Thing.

The absolutely best Widow story is in the New Tasty Mint where a woman is grieving for her only son. So Jesus resurrected him, cured all his ills, and even grew his left leg back. No, I made the last bit up. Jesus hates amputees and to this day has never cured one. He didn’t raise the widow’s husband as he was too far gone by then. Widow and zombie son were happily reunited until he died a few weeks later from a virus that Jesus had created centuries earlier.

Which is exactly the same as the lockdown. Jesus stories are just so helpful.

(ED. Plus idiotic reference to the Book of Job, but I’m fed up lampooning this nonsense.)