Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

The End of History hasn’t happened. That can only happen when the Catholic Church has won and is in complete charge of everything. Then the story of history will be told properly, the Catholic way, and there will be justice for all black people.

9 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. History will record that the 20th century saw a huge expansion in the very successful Franchise Model of business … MacDonalds, Snap On, Burger King, KFC etc. History will certainly record that the Roman Catholic Church was the originator of franchising and using it to establish its Global Crime Syndicate.


  2. Prof Tina believes in a final justice which means her IMF will do, er, well, who knows?
    Her IMF doesn’t seem to realise that deterrents and prevention along with the encouraging of reasoning, educated, morally responsible people would lead to a better world.
    The holy rules say it’s ‘good’ to punish unrepentant evil-doers & rational atheists for crimes against the IMF’s ego.
    Justice should be used to improve our present and future lives but her IMF’s warped justice involves doing nothing to prevent harm, preferring to watch suffering then maybe doing something later. Believers seem to applaud this nonsense while normal people are glad that there’s no good reason to think the world works this way but are worried that religions promote such nastiness.


  3. Tina Beattie is supposed to be an expert on Catholic social teaching, so she will know all about the South American liberation theology movements she referred to. She will also know that they were very firmly stamped on by the Vatican for taking a Marxist position and concentrating on the sins of society and class rather than the souls of individuals.

    We now have a South American Pope. So what’s changed? Not a lot, really. Francis is said to support the premises of liberation theology but not the ideology. And one can be sure that if he really did start to take a more radical view, the highly conservative and authoritarian majority in Rome would do all they could to obstruct him. As far as the institution of the RCC is concerned, justice comes a long way behind dogma and power.


  4. I tagged this comment on the end of yesterday’s thread about belief in the afterlife. I thought that I would put it here in case it got missed.

    Does any one here watch The Repair Shop? Members of the public bring in tatty objects that have some kind of sentimental value usually with some kind of human interest story attached. The object is then professionally restored and presented back to them at the end. People often refer to dead family members looking down on the proceedings with approval. Whether people actually believe this stuff or know that it is just a comforting delusion is an interesting question.


    1. I’d be very surprised if anyone wanted to expand on the deceased looking down on them, probably because they know it’s a barmy notion.
      It’s relatively harmless to say someone’s watching from above but it’s dangerously close to assuming the supernatural and to accepting the existence of IMFs so it’s not a completely innocent concept.


      1. I rather like this video of George Carlin on the subject of death, and things that are said at funerals. The most relevant part starts at 3m25s:



    2. We watch the Repair Shop and quite enjoy it. I am pretty sure that most of those who refer to the dead looking down with approval are just repeating the conventional pieties, a bit like saying ‘may she rest in peace’ at someone’s funeral. I bet if you asked any of them exactly what they meant by ‘the dead looking down’ they couldn’t tell you.

      Our 9-year-old granddaughter came round for the morning the other day (socially distanced, natch). We arranged a Repair Shop for her: dismantling, re-gluing and polishing an old kitchen chair. She loves the show and she had a great time doing it herself. We now have the problem of finding other artefacts she can take to bits and restore next week!


      1. What a brilliant story. She might grow up to have a carreer in renovating old stuff, you never know.


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