Weekly Covid-19 Update

The weekly figures from the Office of National Statistics have been released.

The solid blue line shows the deaths in England and Wales in 2020 and can be compared to the solid grey line which shows the five year average. Disappointingly, there seems to have been a rise in total deaths last week. I haven’t done any sums to see if this is statistically significant. Only time will tell if this is part of a new trend.

The total number of deaths remains about 74% higher than is being reported in the daily figures.

The dotted blue line is the number of excess deaths above the average.
The dotted grey lines show the max and min over the previous five years.

Rev Dr Giles Fraser, St Mary’s Newington

Elon Musk is sending astronauts into space. This is exactly like Jesus’ ascension into the sky, which really happened, and he should be well into inter-stellar space by now. This was Jesus’ way of saying “The sky is for us temporarily visible bits of the Invisible Magic Friend. You lot just stay down there on the ground and sort your own problems out.”

Elon Musk is therefore a heretic and a blasphemer for sending rockets after Jesus.