Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

It’s 75 years since the partition of Indian and Pakistan. An act which led to one of the largest and most tragic mass migrations in history. But they endured it because they had an Invisible Magic Friend. (Although it was because they all had a slightly different Invisible Magic Friend that partition had been demanded in the first place.)


Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Mo Farah’s story has a happy ending. Many victims, trafficked as modern day slaves, have no such happy ending. To add a faith perspective, don’t do as Christianity did for most of its history, and completely ignore, or even justify, slavery.

I can tell you now that slavery is always wrong. You can trust me on this because I’m a Christian, and we’re right about everything. Always have been.