3 thoughts on “Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can’t afford their own bishop any more

  1. Bless my cotton socks Sri Lanka is in the news, and now on TFTD!
    Now, we’ve been living through changes but for weeks onTFTD it’s been the same thing every day, so thanks to Baines for giving us something other than the Conservative Party problems to hear about. However, where was the religious content? Vague references to christian crosses and the promise of resurrection sound to me like the wishful thinking and vague hope Baines mentions.
    Dragging in Christ’s suffering on the cross at Calvary might seem to fit the religious agenda until you realize, it’s just a story.
    According to a friend who has long term links with Sri Lanka, the economic collapse has helped with ethnic reconciliation as everyone is now in the same awful situation of no fuel, huge inflation and limited food supplies. How religion will help is beyond me. I hope it’s not my age, but I wouldn’t like to say.


  2. To listen to Bishop Baines, anyone would think that Christians play a major part in Sri Lankan politics and culture. They don’t. Only 7% of Sri Lankans are Christian, and almost all of those are Catholics. Christians supported both sides in the long-running civil war, and made excuses for the atrocities committed by both (but mostly by the Buddhist Sinhala majority).

    The Tamil insurgents were eventually defeated, and many of them massacred, by Sinhalese forces led by the same politicians who have steered Sri Lanka into the ditch and are now being forced from office. If there is any religious lesson at all in the whole sorry business, it is that allowing Governments to be hijacked by religious bigots is a recipe for disaster.


  3. Baines might more appropriately have acknowledged his church’s contribution to the religious tensions in Sri Lanka, which stem from the hundreds of ‘missionaries’ it sent there in the C19th.


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