2 thoughts on “Amazingly Reverend Doctor David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

  1. Our leaders must set the culture within which power is exercised. Do as the church used to say, or do as the church now says? I’m so confused, but accept that the secular world changes and the church must change with it. (Please can you let me know if this is this right Jesus?)

    In the meantime, British people will be given taste for a couple of days of what Atheists can expect from an eternity in hell’s fire.


  2. Let’s have a look at the wondrous leaders that Bishop Walker claims to have detected in the BBoMS. Moses: never existed. David: probably never existed; if he did, the tales about him were almost certainly made up. John the Baptist: existed; apocalyptic preacher; the Salome tale probably made up. The disciples: far from being natural leaders, what little the BBoMS has to say about them shows them as rudderless and quarrelsome, especially in the opposition of Peter and James to Paul. Not very inspiring as leaders, any of them.

    And as regards “culture rippling out in circles from the centre”, and “leaders moulded by expressing their core values and behaviours” (I think that’s what he said), the response is in two words: Justin Welby.


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