Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

When we see how rubbish France is, we can only be grateful that we have the Queen. Thanks to the Queen, and unlike France, this country has never been so united.

Jesus was a Queen too and look how brilliant he was.

The French president needs to learn to be humble, like us. We are absolutely world beating when it comes to being humble.


Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

Poverty, famine, malnutrition, heating and food inflation are back. This is where the Big Book of Magic Stuff is so important. It’s just full of spiritual nourishment for people to turn to when things get really bad. And things are about to be really, really bad. People are going to be queuing up for spiritual nourishment.

Happy days are hear again!


Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

Sikh and Muslim festivals are now celebrated in Britain. Many take place in full view of statues of those who participated in Britain’s imperial ventures or the slave trade.

“What better way of subverting the past than doing so under the direct gaze of those that would have hated it.”


Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar’s Wife

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, the Turin Shroud. Science says its a fake, but we all know how rubbish science is. The overwhelming evidence for Jesus and his resurrection, is entirely consistent with the overwhelming evidence for the authenticity of the shroud. I say all this in a totally non-proselytising way, as required by the brief for Thought for the Day.

There is no other news today.