2 thoughts on “Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

  1. Are you a Muslim or Croat? I am a musician.
    Are you a Muslim or Croat. I am a human.
    What’s the difference Brian? Onward Christian soldiers.
    There are plenty of better worlds just out of reach if only people didn’t sign up to made up ones.


  2. The term ‘spiritual’ was much in evidence today, which is always a bad sign.

    Brian rather shot himself in the foot with his final comment, as PaulT points out, but it was a dubious Thought all round. Music can stir deep emotions; ‘we’ prefer minor keys to major (not necessarily: there are plenty of non-European musical traditions with no concept of major/minor tonality); we do so because they make us think of people or places in the past; and we have similar emotions about things we wish were true. He didn’t quite add “Therefore they are”, but that was implied.

    And I bet the cellist playing Bach among the ruins of Ukraine was doing so not because of its piety (although Bach was a very religious man) but because of its humanity.


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