Rev Marie-Elsa Roche Bragg, author, priest, therapist and Duty Chaplain of Westminster Abbey

Has anyone mentioned COP26? To save the planet you need to get rid of your car, replace your boiler with a heat pump and solar panels, insulate your home, stop eating meat, stop using plastic and disposable goods, stop taking holidays in faraway places, and generally make lifestyle changes that will reduce your carbon footprint to almost zero.

Nah, only kidding. What you really need to do is become more spiritual. And something about candles blowing in the wind.

The Frankie and Benny Show (Part II, Frankie)

Me and my other infallible half greet you. The environment, the Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus: they’re terrible but spiritual. Scientists agree with my infallible self, so I must be right.

When world leaders get together in Glasgow they need to stop all the bad, bad, bad, bad things happening. They need to start being more caring and ecological, in as non-specific a way as I can think of.

Time to mention dignity and some more spirituality.

Aren’t we popes just fantastic!