7 thoughts on “Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

  1. 11.30am and nobody’s bothered to comment. Says it all really. I don’t think there’s anything we could do to critique this three minutes of blah that hasn’t been said already. Many many times [said in the voice of Dame Celia Molestrangler]


    1. Haha! I missed your apathy deadline, Graham, but only because I was being so prolix. It took an effort to critique this one, and entirely for the reason you state. There was a heavy emphasis on ‘soul,’ but a world of difference between what Rhid understands that word to mean, and how others perceive it.


  2. Let’s just face it; Rhidian’s BBOMS has nothing to say about Olympic or any other sports. “…winning at all costs is itself a kind of losing” as he stated this morning simply reflects the opaque language of his scriptures: ‘…whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake… the same shall save it.’ These obscure words immediately precede Rhid’s quote this morning, ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?’

    It is quite true that success – in sport perhaps more than in any other field – comes at huge personal cost, both mental and physical. But therein lies the wonder of the achievement; no one can just casually wander into winning Olympic gold – and we are privileged to see the very best in the world performing at their peek; and sometimes suffering breakdown because they’ve pushed themselves so hard and far. There is a wonderful camaraderie amongst Olympic competitors, Joy often being expressed at someone else’s success when others fall short. A cocoon of care and concern surrounds those who crack, or suffer injury; there’s so much more to these games than just winning; there is a refreshing positivity about them, and a general joy at the dedication of these young people of so many nations and backgrounds.

    There are no parallels with the ethos of hese games in the BBOMS or any other scriptures, which are entirely about dominion; about obscure religious rules, control, warnings, threats and punishments. I’ve seen a lot of tattoos on display in these last few days, yet Rhid’s scriptures – for some inane reason – condemns those who ink their skin. There are also strictures about the wearing of certain types of fabric (so where does that leave licra?), or growth of hair. Women are commanded to remain silent, cover their heads, and accept the authority of men. All of which (and there’s lots, lots more of this stuff) is utterly contrary to the spirit of a world sporting contest, and indeed competitive sport of any kind.


  3. Suddenly, whilst “trying to execute a move, you don’t know where you are or what you are doing”. A perfect mental metaphor for every TFTD performer. But, as Rhid says, we the listener, have to remember the person behind the performer and take into account their lack of mental acuity.
    So, let us all today, take a couple of minutes to think about those mental gymnastics required to believe in the supernatural aspects of the contents of a book that was written for a small middle eastern cult 2000 years ago, and how difficult it is to try to apply them to the modern world. We Platitude writers appreciate the performers putting the effort in so we can be amazed by the knots they can tie themselves in. Bravo!

    Off topic, I note a story on the BBC this morning about the take up of vaccinations being only 33% in Arkansas. Could this in any way be linked to the story, also in the news lately, that the Arkansas legislature had, once again, tried to pass a law allowing the teaching creationism as fact?


  4. Interesting how RB gave the impression he was quoting directly from the Gospel with the quote “what shall it profit a man, or woman, if they gain …”. When of course the actual Bible doesn’t mention women at all: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”.

    But we wouldn’t want to draw unwanted attention to the male-dominated vibe of the hallowed texts would we?

    Seems more than a little disingenuous, for a slot that is supposed to give a faith’s perspective, to have to do some quick sleight-of-mouth to cover this unfortunate fact up.


    1. Yes, indeed, Howard. And what twisting and turning will someone like Rhid need to perform when the Paralympics begin? His BBOMS is not at all friendly towards those with disability; and worse still makes it clear that those ‘suffering’ from lameness, blindness, ‘possession by devils’ etc have brought the condition upon themselves through their sinfulness. I needn’t go on, as religion’s disgusting and hateful attitude to ‘the afflicted’ is well known. Just try and get around that one, Rhid, when the wheelchair basketball starts…. We’ll be listening carefully.


  5. We’ve had three TftD speakers talking about the Olympics this week, and not one of them has had a good word to say for the remarkable athletes who have been putting in such an effort over the past few days. Chine MacDonald seems to think that all this competition is a bad thing, just as it is in capitalism. Robert Beckford is more concerned about black female swimmers’ hats than in celebrating the success of the black athletes we have seen competing across the board. And Rhidian Brook prefers to hold up as shining examples of humanity those who have suffered in training, or have wilted under pressure, or have simply not won, rather than those who have actually achieved something.

    It’s bad enough to find so many of them battening onto sport because they can’t think of anything else to talk about. It’s even worse when they focus so much on the negative aspects of it. At least they haven’t cottoned on to rugby union (yet).


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