Robert Beckford, Professor of Climate and Social Justice, University of Winchester

The Olympic swimmers are doing well.
Black swimmers have been denied an alternative swimming cap.
My daughter wants to relax her hair to adopt European hairstyles.
The Big Book of Magic Stuff says all hairstyles are good.
Mornington Crescent!

4 thoughts on “Robert Beckford, Professor of Climate and Social Justice, University of Winchester

  1. Yes, this was all over the place and, as ever, came across as a remote reception class lesson, only with the contribution to knowledge and learning being less than zero.


  2. Beckford talks of favourably re-interpreting his Big Book of Magic Stuff then tells us of its “objective standards of beauty”.
    When you have to change a text for your own subjective purposes, you should be more honest about what you’re doing.


  3. If the writers of the bible (human, of course, not supernatural) had known about other people around the world (which they clearly didn’t) they would have said something about them in their texts. They knew nothing of the Chinese, Lapps, San, Pygmies, indigenous North American, South American or Australian peoples and therefore didn’t think about how their Eastern Mediterranean heritage related rules might later affect those people.
    Does Prof Beckford ever wonder why his BBoMS doesn’t include this sort of information if it was handed down from a supernatural entity who knows everything about everybody in the whole universe?
    The bible, Quran etc are all written from a local perspective and clearly rooted in the knowledge of the people living in that place when they were written. This is so obvious, but is never noted by TFTD presenters. They always pick the universal truths to preach at us as if their religion was the first to think of them. Surely someone of Beckford’s intelligence can see that?


  4. “The scriptures have been used to undermine Black Beauty”. Are no 19th-century children’s books safe any more?


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