Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

We don’t need anyone saying “Let the bodies pile up.”

Oh, and there’s a Big Jewish Festival coming up, happy Lag BaOmer everybody! This celebrates yet another holy pathogen sent by the Invisible Magic Friend.



5 thoughts on “Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

  1. Kindness. A human trait (and one to be found amongst animal species too) which has probably been part of our mental make-up since Homo sapiens emerged in the evolutionary process. Kindness doesn’t derive from a religious system, though many faiths claim that it is an important element of their philosophy – even if their scriptures recount many instances where kindness was definitely NOT in evidence; quite the opposite.

    So Judaism has no particular claim on kindness, and the Rabbi’s three minutes this morning contained no ‘faith perspective,’ only a couple of parallels – which is not the same thing at all.

    I have no statistics to hand showing whether non-religious people are kinder or less kind than people of faith. But it doesn’t really matter; the important point is that you don’t have to hold to a faith to be disposed to or show kindness.


  2. The Rabbi’s IMF wants us to be nice to each other yet it’s unwilling to do anything in return – like get rid of its Holy Virus.
    This doesn’t seem fair.
    Mind you, any self-respecting IMF must have priorities though why must it value fairness so much less than its own mysteriousness, hiddenness & ability to inspire Big Jewish Festivals?
    Happy BJF, everybody!


  3. No faith perspective unless talking about yet another Jewish festival counts (not for me).
    More wailing about the IMFs virus and humanist style talk of human kindness which anyone could have done.
    Please god-squad contributors, bring tell us what you really believe about religion and your vengeful god so we can take the Mickey out of your belief in the supernatural.


    1. Here’s one I didn’t know: “ Mickey Bliss (rhyming slang), thought to be a BBC radio personality, has never been conclusively identified. A competing theory is that ‘taking the mick’ was derived from the verb, ‘micturate’ (to urinate).”


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