5 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. This was all over the place.

    In her determination to extol the virtues of “spirituality” – which at no point is clearly defined, of course – she talked herself into an rather unedifying corner where she seemed to be claiming that a people with democracy, freedoms and self-determination but without sufficient “spirituality” is somehow less desirable than a bloodstained tyrant who is brimming with it.

    Sorry, Ms Tilby, but it strikes me we’re better off without this nebulously-defined “spirituality” of which you often speak.


  2. Yes, Angela’s ‘Thought’ was a mass of self-contradiction, and it was difficult to work out what point she was trying to make. At one stage she was attacking Western democracies and particularly the UK for ‘lazy thinking and past privilege.’ Pots and kettles there, Angela. She asserted that ‘democracy has spiritual foundations’ whatever that was supposed to mean. She seemed to be hinting that the decline of religious belief in the Western world was leading to a crisis in freedom and democracy in the West. She wittered on about a Cathedral she had once visited in Ukraine and said many Ukrainians had renounced Russian Orthodoxy and turned to Greek Orthodoxy instead. She did not explain why. Eventually she claimed that the invasion of Ukraine had ‘no support from the Christian faith.’ Given that some Russians support the invasion, and some of those will be Christians, this seemed dubious to say the least. She did not mention that in Russia, Christians are only allowed to worship in the state-supported Russian Orthodox Church. Are these then the wrong kind of Christians, Angela?

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  3. The Ex-Rev tells us that both democracy & freedom have “spiritual foundations”. I’m baffled how that helps explain or clarify anything. Indeed, it’d be laughable if the subject matter weren’t so serious.


  4. Ms Tilby asserts that the unspiritual liberal democracies have got it all wrong, and asks whether we have in fact reduced inequality and poverty, and improved access to education. The answer, in large part, is yes. There is ample evidence to suggest that the religiosity of a society is in inverse proportion to its equality and prosperity (the main outliers are the rich but repressive oil nations and, inevitably, the US). Our education system would be even better if we got rid of the stranglehold that the churches have over so much of it.

    And her maunderings about Orthodox Christianity and those who are loyal to it indicates that she wasn’t listening to the guide during her visit to Odessa.

    I think the Can(n)on needs spiking.


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