Off to Whitehall to join the protests, along with all these good people…

Suspending parliament “goes against everything those men who waded onto those beaches fought & died for – and I will not have it”.

Matt Hancock, health secretary

“The idea of leaving the EU to take back more control into parliament and to consider the idea of closing parliament to do that is the most extraordinary idea I’ve ever heard”.

Amber Rudd, work and pensions secretary

“You don’t deliver democracy by trashing democracy – you can’t just shut down parliament”.

Sajid Javid, chancellor of the exchequer

Suspending parliament was an “archaic manoeuvre”.

Liz Truss, international trade secretary

“I think it will be wrong for many reasons. I think it would not be true to the best traditions of British democracy”.

Michael Gove, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

“You cannot say you are going to take back control … and then go: ‘Oh, by the way, we are just going to shut parliament down for a couple of months, so we are just going to drift out on a no deal’”

Nicky Morgan, culture secretary

“I don’t believe it would happen.”

Andrea Leadsom, business secretary