Rev Dr Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge

It’s another week in politics, which brings me neatly to my amateur photography and Noah’s ark.

Noah’s ark is a children’s story, where the Invisible Magic Friend loses it, and in a psychopathic, murderous rage kills nearly every one and every thing on the planet before inventing rainbows. (Before that, the dispersion of light in water droplets into its constituent colours didn’t happen.)

Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition

Scientists have discovered that some things on the internet are not true. That’s right, there are people out there who are just making things up.

Fortunately, this can’t happen in Hinduism. As a highly sceptical religion we rigorously test all alleged spiritual truths against the pronouncements of saints, gurus and scripture. You won’t find faker con-men thriving in Hinduism.