Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

Isn’t Hinduism brilliant, like Rishi Sunak. The mayor of London is a Muslim. This could be because we’re all so wonderfully tolerant, or because nobody cares.

But take care. People who have a faith take it very seriously. All the best PMs were deeply faithful until they woke up. That’s why I don’t trust Liz Truss. She doesn’t believe in anything.



2 thoughts on “Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. If Liz Truss really does have no religious convictions other than a vague commitment to “Christian values”, that is one of the few points in her favour. “Christian values” are, of course, no such thing: they are either universal human values, which Christianity has mendaciously appropriated, or they have been nicked from other, older philosophies, including Greek and even Buddhist traditions.

    I would agree with Tim Stanley that we need to know exactly which superstitions our politicians believe in, mainly so that we can minimise the damage they might do. Theresa May once said that her deep faith gave her the confidence to trust her gut instincts: a truly terrifying statement, if you think about it. Blair was notorious for letting his faith-based convictions override evidence and reason. The last thing we need in the current crisis is another God-botherer in No 10.


  2. Does this pass the Greenberg test, i.e. a thought that could not have occurred without a faith perspective? It’s only someone religious who would worry about whether the PM is religious.
    Whoever becomes Prime Minister we require of them high moral standards in office, something Johnson failed miserably at. But moral standards, as Stephen points out, do not equate to religious standards. As an example, when there are now arguments about gay marriage, it is no longer a moral view point that religious people argue from, but instead they waffle on about their right to believe something written in their ancient holy books (which they claim to be divinely handed down) but which is obviously something written by humans in earlier, less liberal societies.
    Tim and his Catholic mates want you to believe that gay marriage is an abomination because a few minor clauses in his particular holy book say that the particular supernatural entity he believes in thinks it is evil. But it isn’t. And I want a Prime Minister who doesn’t have to pander to religious sensibilities when we can live by laws agreed in this present, more informed age.
    I would guess that a vast majority in this country are now of that same mindset.


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