Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, well once again there isn’t any news. So I’ll just waffle on about life in general being about change and tack on my unchanging, and therefore dead, Invisible Magic Friend at the end.


2 thoughts on “Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

  1. I’ve decided to pick up on the topic of how human societies change their minds about things over time. A 19th century national hero is now perceived as just another slave owner filling his pockets with gold at the expense of the down-trodden. But how can I say that when obviously my god’s message has changed over time from being just for the Israelites, to being about Jesus and then transforming into the same god but one whose favourite prophet is now Mohammed? It’s all so confusing. Tell you what, let me fall back on that old chestnut (which I know isn’t really true) that my IMF is “unchanging in its love.” That’ll do.


  2. Indeed. Today’s theme seems to be that everything changes, but the IMF doesn’t. As the Rev Dr implies, life does change; that is what distinguishes it from death.

    And the IMF has of course changed, or anyway human beings’ image of it has. The ‘Hebrew Scriptures’ IMF is continually interfering, telling the Israelites what to do, smiting their enemies, and occasionally smiting the Israelites themselves. The IMF of the NT has retired into the seventh heaven, insulating itself from the world, so that it has to be approached through Jesus. (And even this didn’t feel quite right, so that the BVM had to become the intermediary in due course).

    These days, the IMF has vanished inside the Planck volume, so that its apologists have to resort to windy terms such as ‘the Ground of all Being’, which is vague enough to put itself beyond criticism. The IMF will continue to change, until even its most fervent devotees are unable to tell the rest of us exactly where it is.


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