Ven Elizabeth Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, people of faith often wonder, is what I believe really just extremely silly? My doubtful, silly, beliefs come from hard work. I constantly have to struggle to overcome the silliness of my beliefs. But it’s worth it, because believing silly things gives meaning to my life.

Daniel Greenberg, Parliamentary Lawyer

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is in the news and free.

So let’s talk about Passover. During Passover the Invisible Magic Friend passed over those houses that had lamb’s blood on them. (The Invisible Magic Friend obviously couldn’t see inside the houses to tell who were Egyptian.)

The Big Book of Magic Stuff tells us that we must protect the outcast because we were imaginary outcasts in Egypt. Those of you who haven’t been outcasts, either imaginary or otherwise, probably don’t care about outcasts.

How can we happily celebrate the imaginary freedom from enslavement, and the genocide of Egyptian boys, when Uyghurs Muslims are undergoing similar, non-imaginary, persecution?

Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can’t afford their own bishop any more

Today I want to talk to you about Ukraine, with only the briefest mention of cathedrals, icons, the importance of icons, the history of icons, how to look at icons, an icon of Mary Magdalene, the lifestyle of Mary Magdalene, the redemption of Mary Magdalene, the cross, what the cross represents, the man on the cross (that would be Jesus in case you didn’t know), how we react to the cross, Jesus, Christianity, President Zelenskiy.