9 thoughts on “Ven Elizabeth Adekunle, Anglican Priest and Chaplain, St John’s College Cambridge

  1. Ooh! Leading off with ‘Mornington Crescent’, that’s highly unusual. And then to get stuck in to a current political issue. Unusual and dangerous. ‘Where’s this going?’, I wondered excitedly. As usual it went nowhere of course.

    So many of these TFTD’s are a variation on the Gish Gallop. Just stuff the 3.5 minutes with as many references as possible. Make no attempt to connect them or make sense of them. Just pile one on top of the other, to leave the listener’s head reeling, so they come away hopefully with a general impression that you’ve said something profound [though more often than not the impression is one of “WTF was that all about?”]

    Is this the best they are capable of? Sadly it probably is.


  2. This womans thought is as flat as Norfolk in the words of Noel Coward and the shape of things to come in the Anglican priesthood if diversification has its way . She did not let race get in the way of grace today thankfully.


  3. “Take no thought for the morrow” was probably nicked from Jewish wisdom literature by whoever made up the Sermon on the Mount. It fits in well with the mind-set that thinks the world is about to end. It’s not so appropriate where the world is clearly not about to end, and we need to make some plans for surviving it.

    As so often with cherry-picked bits of the BBoMS, people have interpreted it in different ways, as the mood takes them. One interpretation is that everything is so awful that it’s as much as we can do to worry about today’s problems, never mind tomorrow’s. That’s at least as good as the Ven Elizabeth’s reading.


  4. When Christians pray to their IMF about planning for the future, many will say they received ‘guidance’ but what if they receive a real response such as “don’t bother – do as the scriptures say”? I think we should be told.

    Re building for the future, the ‘eternal wall of unanswered prayer’ (there may be a typo in there) https://www.eternalwall.org.uk/ is about to start raising money (£2.5m) for constructing the vanity project. The target is to gather 1 million “answered prayers” but only 27,138 have been submitted so far. I wonder of someone on TFTD will help publicise it.


  5. Just what this country needs, a giant möbius strip, to be built “somewhere in the heart of the UK”. “75,000 ‘heritage bricks will be included in Eternal Wall to celebrate answered prayer dating as far back as 600 AD.” they say. I have a bad feeling about this . . .


  6. I’d never heard of a Gish Gallop. Well, I would recognise one now that I’ve looked it up, but I had never heard it named. So the Venerable Adekunle and Graham have helped me learn something today.
    Well, I should really say that Graham helped me learn something, but the TFTD was a proper dog’s dinner of ideas. Or at 7.45 am should that be dog’s breakfast?
    And still no TFTD on sexual problems in religious groups – they all preach, as Adekunle does today, for “mutual flourishing” but all seem to only act for mutual protection.


    1. I agree so thoroughly with the manifest avoidance of all issues arising from the recent report on sexual abuse among religions. Now Thought for the Day is sounding even more hollow as anything positive about Christianity. I am already tired of massive justification trips about what has happened in Afghanistan and terrible barrel scraping around everything the Pope says. I am afraid the Islam preached by the BBC bears as much connection to reality as maybe the Omar Khayyam and sometimes I wonder where these media Muslims come from short of a pantomime or a remake of Kismet. To return to Christianity the Church is not going to survive if the marrow is taken from Jesus teaching and we have to endure week by week politicisation and what I call race rather than grace at every turn. The edifice is crumbling and we have to live with the idea that the Church is moving too near to the manner of the world rather than the mind of Jesus on many different matters. I do not know where it will end. No one is interested in the Return of Christ.


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