Ed Brayton

Sad news from across the pond. Ed Brayton, cofounder of Freethoughblogs, and owner of one of my few must-read daily blogs, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, is entering hospice care. He will in all likelihood be dead within a few weeks.

Ed Brayton has been a tireless defender of humanist values, has spent decades calling out the failings of the American justice system, and has constantly pointed to the inconsistencies and complete stupidity of the modern Republican Party.

I doubt very much if he ever visits this little corner of the internet, but if you do Ed, you will be greatly missed.

Saying Goodbye for the Last Time

Ven Elizabeth Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney

Lots of people will lose their jobs, thanks to the Invisible Magic Friend’s holy virus. If you don’t have a useful job, like me, you inevitably feel worthless, depressed and generally of no good to anyone. It’s like being retired.

But things aren’t all bad. When Elijah lost everything, ravens brought him scraps to eat, and the Invisible Magic Friend could well do the same for you. Or possible he won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see what sort of mood he’s in.