Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar’s Wife

One good deed deserves another.

I’ll spin this out with various heart warming tales and what I’m sure is a very subtle and clever non-mention of Jesus. HE did that for me, there’s nothing I can’t do for HIM.


Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

The Invisible Magic Friend’s holy virus is back. This is exactly like racism, the Big Book of Magic Stuff and a 1980s pop album. Fortunately, we Christians have FAITH, which makes us much better placed to deal with this than all you lot.


Quantum Mechanics is Obvious – the Movie Part 10

I’ve split this video into two parts as otherwise it’s about 20 minutes long.

This follows a single, simple, problem, but gradually increases the resolution of our measurements so that it moves from a vector and inner product problem, to a function and integral problem. It’s so long because I repeat the calculations several times in detail. I wanted to make the transition from a discrete to a continuous distribution as clear as possible.

I haven’t prepared next week’s video yet, so I’m not sure if it will be ready in time. The next video will address operators on continuous functions. We should quickly find ourselves plummeting down the quantum mechanics rabbit hole at that point, as things start to get seriously weird.