Rhidian Babbling Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

Class is no longer important. Almost anyone from Eton, or even some of the provincial public schools, can be Prime Minister these days.

But Jesus doesn’t care what public school you went to. I can say this authoritatively as I spoke to him this morning and he assured me that you’ll all burn in the same hell if you don’t worship him.

8 thoughts on “Rhidian Babbling Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

  1. Lazy, predictable cliched. I was just thinking how he blagued like a privately educated schoolboy, and what does he tell us?

    Anyway. Enough of this inconsequential man. This is far more revealing. The Vatican again shows itself to be the original, most successful mafia clan.

    Most laughably of all, they’re hiding behind diplomatic immunity. Even Mussolini has a legacy.


  2. Unwittingly, Rhid mentions the famous “I know my place” line but doesn’t apply it to his IMF. Some versions of Christianity make a virtue out of recognising our lowliness, our unavoidably sinful nature, our ‘place’ but Rhid keeps quiet about this because, well, it’d be awkward, innit.
    Rhid’s IMF hates everyone so, despite the imaginary charm offensive (aka JC), it shouldn’t fool us by changing its PR so radically from the capricious teen-like IMF of the OT.
    So shoddy was this effort to become ‘nice’ that JC is the one most guilty of threats of eternal suffering. How ill-considered must a storyline be before it loses all credibility?
    No matter what your class or social standing, either you accept the power of the overlord or it’ll f**k you up forever.
    But, remember, Jesus loves you.


  3. Three minutes isn’t long to set out your stall, but even so Rhidian Brook’s trawl back through the history of class in the UK was pretty superficial. In particular, it ignored the fact that one of the reasons the upper class still keeps going is that it has consistently managed to refresh itself by incorporating new members, from industrialists, tradesmen and financiers to failed politicians and superannuated trades unionists (just look at the background and calibre of the average intake of the House of Lords).

    Not that that bothers most Christian leaders. They are perfectly happy to connive at keeping the class system going by insisting that their flock will get their reward in heaven and shouldn’t make a fuss about getting it on earth.


    1. Predictable behaviour for this vile organisation, but I’m not sure you can tar all Christians with it. It’s at least arguable that ordinary Catholics are its biggest victims.


  4. Yes I was being deliberately glib there. Not only is it difficult in some countries but some people find it impossible to ever shake themselves free of childhood indoctrination.


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