Chine McDonald, professional Christian

The war for the independence of Biafra resulted in the death of millions of its citizens through starvation and other unimaginable horrors.

This reminds me of the Christian Eucharist.

Francis Campbell, Vice Chancellor of St Mary's Catholic University, London

The fires in Australia have been devastating.

Naturally, we all turn to Pope Francis for advice. Speaking about the environment, Pope Francis said, as far back as 2015, “Somebody ought to DO something, URGENTLY!”

Isn’t the Pope just fantastic?

Dim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

Jesus, who definitely existed, and was god, is being mocked by some irrelevant Brazilian film makers.

Films that mock Jesus, who definitely existed and was god, or Mohammed, who definitely existed, are often mocked by third rate, so called, self styled satirists. But we religious can take it. Christianity has been subjected to the most thorough scrutiny for 2,000 years and has always been found to be absolutely correct in every aspect. Even the hundreds of mutually contradictory versions of it.

We poor, persecuted, Christians, know how to endure suffering and bear it with silent stoicism. We can take mockery. We can take criticism. And no, you may not comment on or reply to any of this.

Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can't afford their own bishop any more

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

We, and by we I do of course mean you, are all so busy prying into their private lives, constantly voicing opinions and busy casting stones. Well let me just tell you, this is exactly like Jesus and the adulterer. Except Harry isn’t really Jesus, and Meghan isn’t the adulterer, and them wanting their own lives isn’t really a sin, and Jesus telling them to sin no more isn’t strictly applicable. But apart from that, it’s just uncanny how the Big Book of Magic Stuff can teach us about any modern situation.