Astoundingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

Happy Annunciation everybody!

This is exactly the same as the second referendum march, in that they’ve got nothing in common whatsoever. So let’s talk about the big feathered angel announcing to Mary that’s she’s going to be “blessed” whether she likes it or not.


Article 50 Petition

The government website keeps crashing, but there is a petition asking that Article 50 be revoked.

I’ve signed this, although I still don’t think we can reverse the decision to leave the EU without a popular vote.

The current shambles is totally irresponsible and has to be stopped. There are ships at sea which will dock next Friday with no idea what customs regime they will be facing. This level of incompetence from the UK, or indeed any, government is unprecedented.

There is a majority in the House of Commons for a soft Brexit. Theresa May refuses to allow this majority a voice because she consistently puts the unity of the Tory party before the good of the country.

The next vote on May’s deal will probably still fail. We need a new Prime Minister who is prepared to seek a majority in the House of Commons and then put the subsequent deal to a popular vote.