Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

A Muslim has been elected as First Minister of Scotland. Some are happy about this, others are not. But while the symbolism is important, it’s what someone does when in power that matters.

6 thoughts on “Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

    1. The closer one is to the philosophy of an absolutist, the more one is perceived as an enemy. If the Lawn Tennis Association ever gets dictatorial power in this country, chess players will be fine, football players will be warned, but badminton players will be rounded up and shot.


  1. There are two reasons to be doubtful about Yousaf’s election as First Minister. One is that he has been pretty mediocre in every job he has had in the Scottish Administration. The other is that he has a track record of consulting his mosque about key issues, and then going AWOL for votes so as to avoid upsetting them. That is not leadership.


  2. So one leader believes in karma and reincarnation and the other that he will be interrogated on how he lived his life, after he is dead. Fascinating.


  3. Some good moments as usual from Mona Siddiqui this morning. But, I always like to check quotes, and the last one she uses and attributes (as most websites do) to John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the USA from 1825, appears to be more likely from Dolly Parton in 1997. See
    Interesting that a quote, most likely from a strong female character, Dolly Parton, was probably requoted and assigned to a man and that version is now the one all over T shirts, web pages and inspirational books.
    Being a cynic I can’t help but think that things said by random, well educated (male and female) people in the oral traditions of the past have more than likely been assigned to male prophets and are now quoted by religious leaders as true and inspirational God inspired quotes by those male prophets of their god. They are then quoted by believers as if they could only have come from the word of their particular God. Ta-da!! Religion!


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