Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

The clocks go forward tonight.
Time, especially as we get older, is precious.
Theology talks about time.
The Big Book of Magic Stuff mentions time.
Christianity mentions time.
Yes, time is THAT important.


One thought on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. The clocks going forward has nothing to do with time. It’s a rational solution to a practical problem about daylight. The medieval church would probably have condemned it as sinful and heretical, if they’d known about it.

    Judging by Rob Marshall’s selection of verses this morning, the BBoMS hasn’t got much to say about time that is memorable or original, apart from the irresponsible instruction put into the mouth of Jesus about taking no thought for the morrow. The theme, if there was one, seemed to be that there’s a right and a wrong time to be doing things. This implies (although Rob didn’t spell it out) that someone else has already decided what the right time is.

    There may be large chunks of our lives that we have no control over, but that doesn’t mean that something else is pulling the strings. Denying human beings agency is a trick that is common to pretty well all religions, and it doesn’t work any more.

    Besides, as Carlo Rovelli and Douglas Adams (both non-believers) have pointed out in their very different ways, time is an illusion. Take that, Ecclesiastes!


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