Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, Theological Adviser to the House of Bishops

Older people should get back to work says the chancellor, but businesses would rather have younger people. At least one old person I met was really youthful in their outlook. This just goes to show how prejudiced you are.

Christianity invented equality. Everyone is equal. Women nearly are, and of course, there’s some who aren’t because we say so.


5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, Theological Adviser to the House of Bishops

  1. Hello children. Did you know that we are all made in God’s image? Isn’t that amazing? What’s that George; is your hamster made in God’s image too? Well I suppose he is. Yes, and your lizard too Harry. Nits Olivia? Well, maybe I should have said that everything is made in god’s image and we can then move on. No I don’t think god uses a computer to design all the creatures. I don’t think computers were invented when god created everything. No, Chloe, it doesn’t mention anything about computers in the bible. No, the gospel writers didn’t use their mobile phones to write the bible Charlie, they used pens and ink. Well, yes it might have been quicker to use a mobile phone Charlie but they hadn’t been invented when Jesus came down to earth had they. Yes, I know I said that god created everything but… No Jesus didn’t need a mobile phone to keep in touch with god, he just used prayer. Yes Olivia it is difficult to understand how you and a nit are the same image, but we have to take god’s word for it don’t we? Can we move on now children so that I can explain how intra-generational spaces are useful for people to share ideas and ask questions of each other.
    Look Charlie, I haven’t got time to explain now, you will have to ask your parents if the Three Kings used Google Maps to find Jesus….
    Etc, etc


  2. Can’t beat that tour de force, Paul.

    “When I was a vicar…” There’s a lot packed into that little phrase. It must be quite tiresome being a vicar, what with having to run a parish, or possibly several parishes, and find the vast sums that the Diocese demands, and put up with all sorts of bores and delusional types, as well as cheerful 99-year-olds. Much more rewarding to move up the heirarchy, and become a Theological Adviser not just to an Archbishop but to an entire House of Bishops! Who knows where we might hear that attractive French accent next. The sky’s the limit, Ms Hamley!


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