Anne Atkins

The Square Kilometre Array is being built. It may discover intelligent life, also made by my Invisible Magic Friend. So let’s hope there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space, cos there’s bugger all down here on Earth.

6 thoughts on “Anne Atkins

  1. How nice of the BBC in these fraught times, to introduce a three minute comedy slot into their flagship news programme.


  2. Thought for the Day really has run its course when a classic AAA fails to elicit more than one sarky comment. An open goal and nobody can be bothered to take a shot.


  3. When I was at my Catholic secondary school, going through a phase of questioning that would ultimately result in an emancipation and apostasy, a kindly Irish nun came in and asked us to write questions on a piece of paper, anonymously.

    I wrote, “Out of all the planets that must contain intelligent life, why did Jesus only come to ours? Or did he go as a ‘Saviour’ to all the other planets with intelligent life?”

    Of course, this stumped the nun and everyone present could see it; she acknowledged it was a very interesting question, but then could only waffle something about “God in His wisdom doing what is best” and such things being – yep, you guessed it – a ‘mystery’.

    This very question was one of a few begged by AAA this morning, though of course she either doesn’t realise it, or doesn’t want to.


  4. Extra terrestrials “who I believe will also be created by a loving god”. In his image though Anne? 6 limbs, based on silicon rather than carbon, living underwater or in a methane atmosphere? Of corse they will be. And the baby Jesus will have been born in a stable on the seabed and crucified on a seamount.
    Grow up and accept the science for what it is – discovery of new knowledge, not the chance for you to imagine even more ludicrous fables.


  5. The SKA is an interesting and visionary project, as its website explains: It is seeking to explore some of the most fundamental questions about the universe, particularly its early development. Because it is so powerful, it may have the side benefit of being able to pick up radio signals that could have been made by alien civilisations. But this is a very long shot, and not its main purpose.

    Never mind. Whatever it discovers, Anne Atkins will be ready to claim it as evidence for her Invisible Magic Friend, just like everything else is, even though every bit of evidence it collects is actually another nail in the IMF’s coffin. And she will proclaim it in her usual breathy, dramatic voice. Can’t wait.


  6. So… what use is AAA’s Big Book of Magic Stuff now (indeed when was it ever)? She embraces all the current scientific thinking on the development of the universe, despite her BBOMS stating clearly that her IMF created the whole lot in six days, including stars. Her church and the RCC have spent centuries harassing, excommunicating and even slaughtering visionaries, free thinkers and anyone who produced evidence that things weren’t as stated in the BBOMS. So, if she can abandon whole chunks of her scriptures relating to ‘creation’ then why cling to the patent nonsense of virgin birth, resurrection and all the other pantomime tricks that her faith is based on? She wants to have her cake, and eat it. I suppose we can just hope she gets abducted by aliens – though they’d probably drop her back at “Observatory House” pdq.


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