2 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Eternal verities, as far as I can tell, are a philosophical creation about the human condition and not just faith.
    Charles, if he copies his mother’s coronation oaths exactly, will promise only two things: to rule over us and to protect the rights of the C of E. Eternal verities indeed.


  2. Before the Coronation takes place sometime next year, I very much hope that another key event will have happened: the publication of the full results of last year’s census. This will almost certainly show that only a minority of British people have any religious belief at all, and that Anglicanism in particular is circling the drain. What will be the relevance of the King’s coronation oath then?

    The NSS has called for the Coronation to be a predominantly secular ceremony, in Westminster Hall rather than the Abbey. There is little chance of that, but if the monarchy survives Charles’s reign we might just get someone who is prepared to be Defender of Reason rather than faith. And if, as seems increasingly likely, the CofE is disestablished by then, there won’t be an institution to be Supreme Governor of any more.


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