Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

Patriarch Kirill says that any Russians dying in Ukraine will have their sins forgiven.

Do not listen to him. Patriarch Kirill is wrong and blasphemous and not a proper Christian like me. Proper Christians like me believe in a just war where the Invisible Magic Friend is on the side of the just. OK, everyone always claims to be the right side, which explains why the Invisible Magic Friend never seems to intervene on either side.


4 thoughts on “Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. Classic No True Scotsman.

    This started and ended at Square One. The quick, easy solution to Tim’s conundrum is to ditch the lens of piety altogether; then he doesn’t have the burden of inventing ad hoc solutions to invented problems.

    But that ain’t gonna happen is it.


  2. Some of us have been pointing out for a long time that Kirill is a vile human being, with the blood of innocent people on his hands. We don’t need Tim Stanley to tell us that. The CofE lost whatever residual moral authority it might have had when Welby invited Kirill to the UK in 2016. I don’t recall Tim or his church having much to say about that at the time.

    Tim Stanley repeats the old lie that Christians invented the principles of the ‘Just War’. As is so often the case, the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans got there first. Saint Augustine, who Tim was no doubt thinking of, was very late to the party.


    1. Because they are under massive pressure from the secular world, all co-religionists are friends, right the way up to the point where what they are doing is too obviously evil to defend. Then it’s all “We though that all along,” and “Look how much we righteously oppose them.”

      The CofE remains friends with, among others, the Church of Uganda, which recently opted to offer their full support to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law (their explanation of why they chose to do this is a masterpiece of misinformation and misdirection). So the man who led our collective mourning a couple of weeks ago counts on his side of things a group that believes gay people should be imprisoned. Oppressing Ukrainians is beyond the pale, oppressing gay people apparently less so, according to the CofE list of friends.


  3. Speaking as a Catholic Christian, would someone have the wisdom, if evidence was provided, to resist their own church when it tells them something that is not true? It’s a big ask, and a near intolerable (INTOLERABLE, I tell you) act of conscience, to get me to think that there might not be a supernatural being at all. But if Kirill and his church are capable of making a mistake that could be considered blasphemous by another type of church, then which church is correct? What if they are all wrong, and we don’t need those religious arguments at all? Oh no, I’ve just realised something. As an act of martyrdom, can I offer my resignation as a TFTD presenter?


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