5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Vicar of St. Anne’s church Kew

  1. Email sent to The Today Programme:

    Does Richard Dawkins have a right of reply?

    Only the religious can give us their Thought for the Day, but they are free to give their interpretation of the thoughts of atheists at second hand?

    Yes I know you wash your hands of TftD, but please pass my query on to the relevant department.


  2. “I’m such an intellectual titan that I wound up in a public discussion with Richard Dawkins, where I ensured the discussion didn’t involve scrutiny of religious beliefs. Because if it had, I’d have just resorted to the rhetorical equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and saying, ‘La la la la laaaa’, as usual”.


  3. St. Anne’s, Kew is a lovely church on Kew Green. I got married in the pub/hotel opposite – it was a very non-spiritual occasion. Er, that’s all.


  4. Quite what RD is doing going to an evangelical music festival is not clear; but then he’s always been more polite to believers than they are to him.

    Still, it would be interesting to hear his side of the discussion. He’s a bit more indulgent towards people who talk of “spirituality” than most people here would be; but he’s been very clear that he means it in the sense that Spinoza and Einstein did, ie a feeling of awe at the sheer wonder of the universe, and not in any supernatural sense at all.

    We’ve just got back from a visit to Down House, which is as enthralling and stimulating as I remember it. There are plenty of reminders of the opposition that Darwin received from the churches when “Origin of Species” was published. Interestingly, there was much less when he published “The Descent of Man” some years later. Even the late Victorians were more open-minded than many religious apologists today.


  5. Giles, of course you have much in common with Dawkins. The best parts of your religious beliefs are derived from humanist ideas that are the same all over the world. The problem for those of us on here is that you tack on the unnecessary supernatural. Why make up a story of Moses going up towards heaven to receive some universal laws rather than say that the tribes sat down together and agreed what was best for everyone?
    Easy peasy, with no “difficult” theology, which is really just people arguing about things that were made up.


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