Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, bits of Saint Bernadette on tour. It’s a bit like The Beatles or Princess Diana. Yes, it’s THAT important.

There is no other news today.


5 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Oh wow! Some bits of bone from a 19th century female human are on tour!
    These will help you feel a link between heaven and earth, which is an entirely reasonable thing to believe in if you agree with me that Jesus is God made man and there is definitely a real place called heaven and another called the hereafter.
    Anyway, in the past the Catholic Church disgracefully made loads of money by brazenly selling multiple same bits of martyr’s bodies or enough bits of the cross for it to have been the size of the biggest giant sequoia ever seen.
    The church has definitely learnt from its mistakes in this area and this tour will be so exciting.
    Please donate at Note that “Your donation will generously support this important undertaking in the life of our national faith family, with all donations used to meet the local and national and costs of the visit” and nothing will be used to swell the coffers of the church.


  2. Apparently the relics are bits of her ribs and knees.

    The whole relic malarkey is not just a con-trick but a huge money-spinner for the Catholic Church and its hangers-on. The novelist Emile Zola, who was fiercely anti-clerical, paid a visit to Lourdes in 1892, and was taken aback by the almost industrial scale of what even then was big business, especially for the hoteliers, restaurants and coach-owners. A couple of years later he wrote the first of a trilogy of anti-Catholic novels, “Lourdes” (the others are “Rome” and “Paris”). Unfortunately it’s not one of his best, and I can’t really recommend it.

    Still, we could do with a Zola or two today. They’d have plenty of material to work with.


  3. Leaving aside the feelings of utter disgust which I personally feel at the thought of fragmentary human remains being touted around to satisfy religious fools, the complete absurdity of the practice is borne out by the hugely ornate and bejewelled gold reliquary in Cologne Cathedral. This dazzling casket – so the church claims – contains the remains of the Three Kings (of nativity story fame). Since the Magi (an unqualified number of them) are a fable attached to another fable, it would be interesting to learn just exactly what that reliquary actually holds. Probably just a few old ham bones – or more worryingly, possibly actual human remains that really require a decent burial.

    One of my favourite cartoons, from what magazine I can’t remember, shows a couple walking away from the Shrine at Lourdes. The disconsolate looking man is carrying a bundle of crutches and walking frames under each arm, whilst his evidently frustrated and angry wife is saying to him “What did I tell you? I knew Saint Bernadette wouldn’t cure your Kleptomania!”


  4. And a new cartoon I saw yesterday; someone paid £650,000 for Diana’s Escort; Prince Andrew had to pay £12 million for his.


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