Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Resilience arrives through collective effort. Guess who invented this? Go on, guess?

It was only the Invisible Magic Friend who got us through the Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus. The rest of you are all dead.


2 thoughts on “Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

  1. Brian Draper is entitled to take whatever consolation he needs to get him through the day, and if he chooses to believe in a permanently postponed promise made up by members of an apocalyptic cult two millennia ago, that’s up to him.

    Just as important as personal resilience, however, is the resilience of society. We would be a lot better off today if we had invested more in home insulation, energy storage facilities, PPE, training for key workers, and all the other things that successive governments failed to tackle while the sun was shining. Holding hands and singing “Kumbaya” won’t do the job, and neither will asking the IMF to help, because it never has and never will. It really is down to us, and nobody else.


  2. If resilience is the ability of a something to spring back into shape or the capacity to recover from difficulties then Mr Drapers particular religion based on a particular god is very resilient.
    First century gnostics trying to rob Christians of their made up eternal salvation? POW!! The church pulls through.
    Finding out that the earth isn’t the centre of the divine creator’s universe? BAM!! Church resilience holds up.
    Evolution? KERBANG!! No problem to those who can make their religions anything they want them to be.
    Facts and evidence? KERPLUNK!! Magical thinking is impervious to it all.


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