Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

Water is SO important. It’s one of the four elements. The four element model is wrong, but in a sense, right.

I got to watch The Tempest during a thunderstorm. There was lots and lots of water.

Water is SO important.


10 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. Buddhism considers a couple of things as elemental like earth and water. Earth and water and fire are three elements that Buddhists feel viscerally… and air. There are 4 elements that Buddhism pays careful attention to, earth, water, fire and air …. and food. Don’t forget food which is one of the five elements that Buddhism says are elemental; along with energy. There are six elements that are philosophically important to all Buddhists, earth, water, fire, air, food and energy. And blood. There are seven etc etc.


      1. “emptying my shower water onto the parched garden”

        Glad to see I’m not the only one… though in my case it’s using a hose to siphon water from the bath to use on the garden. Got it down to a fine art now.

        Today was just another ‘Sybil Fawlty’ statement of the bleeding obvious layered with ‘of course our BBoMS / IMF statements have said this all along’.

        You know you’re getting old when…

        A few years ago I was in a technical review when I caught myself saying “the chief requirement is for X … and Y … and… — Amongst the chief requirements are such diverse elements as…”
        It caused some grins from most people but blank stares from the younger (25 – 35 age group) ones present; the rest of the meeting was spent explaining/re-telling the Monty Python sketch and was probably just as useful as many other meetings.


      2. “It caused some grins from most people but blank stares from the younger (25 – 35 age group) ones present;”

        On a similar theme. Just over a decade ago, the postgrads at the Queen Mary Computer Science department started a film club, more as a way of socialising than to watch films. For our first film we chose “Airplane” and promptly settled down with our popcorn and cans of fizzy drinks.

        It was very noticeable that the Brits and Americans found the whole film hilarious, but the Asian students sat there, apparently baffled at why we were all laughing. I can only presume that there were a lot of shared cultural references in the film that just didn’t travel well.


    1. “Among the elements….I’ll come in again”.

      According to Vishvapani, Buddhists apparently regard water as a precious commodity. We learned the other day that Christians do so as well. We haven’t yet heard from Julie Siddiqi or Akhandadhi Das, or the Chief Rabbi, but I bet water is quite important to them as well. I anticipate that Jasvir Singh will tell us that Sikhs talk of nothing else. Even non-believers consider water to be an essential component of life.

      When literally everybody in the world agrees that water is vital, there is no virtue in someone from any particular religion boasting about how important it is to their tradition. Still, I’m glad that Vishvapani enjoyed The Tempest, even if he did get his feet wet.


    1. “But did the actors carry on? I think that would tell us something important about something.” Yes, at least we (i.e. the likes of me) might’ve discovered whether or not there’s a Buddhist notion of ‘the show must go on’. It does sound like a memorable night.


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