2 thoughts on “Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

  1. According to Brian Draper, “young people have this innate, brilliant, and I believe God-given capacity…to unearth the human spirit deposited within them”. Is this actually true? On the contrary, most people are pretty poor at understanding and analysing their own motives and even emotions. Despite the current vogue for the unquestionability of “lived experience”, what we think we have experienced often bears little relation to reality. We are very easy to fool, and we find it easy to fool ourselves. Just another bit of evidence that our faculties are the product of piecemeal, error-strewn natural selection, and owe nothing to non-existent supernatural entities.


  2. How religion works.
    Prayer in 2022: Lord, help me live well with whatever happens next.
    Question in 2023: How have you lived since you asked that prayer in 2022?
    Answer in 2023: Well, I would say that I perceive that I have lived well.
    Eternal Wall of Unanswered Prayer fund raiser: Jesus be praised! Another answered prayer! Send us your money for another brick! Thank you, Jesus!


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