Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, Happy 75th Anniversary of Indian and Pakistani independence. They had to be partitioned because of some reason that escapes me for the moment. Sikhs were split from many holy places, oh and about a million died.



2 thoughts on “Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

  1. Yet another, rather dull history lesson in Sikhism from Singh, which the BBC don’t allow any argument with from any other historian. Who knows if what he says is true? I usually can’t be bothered to check.
    In India the British are accused of using the different religious affiliations to sow discontent (divide and rule) that caused the terrible atrocities of partition. But I have read other academics who note that the separateness of the religious cultures made it easier for the problems to occur.
    If Sikhism was some sort of attempt to bring the two cultures together then that has clearly failed as it has simply added a third separate religion to cause more conflict.
    In Europe science and secularism increasingly have replaced religion and we seem to have reaped the rewards of an extended peace, until the Ukraine conflict which seems to have some sort of “religious” root for Putin.
    There was another rather obvious religious story in the actual news ignored again by a TFTDer who knew weeks ago what his story in the news was going to be.


  2. “The ultimate purpose of life is to be reunited with the divine creator”. And how do you go about that? You do what your religious authorities tell you what to do, because they claim to know what the divine creator wants. And if they’re wrong, as they are bound to be (because there is no such entity), you have to do what they say anyway, or else. That truism is as valid for Sikhism as it is for any other religion.

    Still, Partition, eh? I seem to recall a fantasy novel set on the eve of Partition. “Midnight’s something-or-other”, I think it was called. I wonder what happened to its author.

    One would have thought that the legacy of Partition was something that the Faiths Forum 4 London might have strong views about. Inexplicably, they seem to be as silent on this subject as on all others.


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