Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

Let me see. Is there anything in the news today that would especially benefit from a faith perspective? Can’t think of anything obvious. There was… no, no, not really. Or maybe, … no that wouldn’t work either. Nope can’t think of anything. There really is no item of news today that has really any bearing on religion.

I know, I’ll talk about a 100 year old Welsh injustice and bit of Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

  1. Clearly Jenkins had this one set up for ages, and a good story of unresolved injustice it is. “It seems the execution occurred solely because Lord Melbourne wanted a scapegoat to blame for the [Merthyr] Rising and to set a deterrent example to others” is a quote from the Wikipedia page.
    But some of Jenkins’ references are still apt given the tragedy of Rushdie’s religiously-inspired attempted murder. “Expediency might have counselled silence” is something many, even in the UK, have to live with in societies which are angry about any minor blasphemy against their particular supernatural entity.
    What do our TFTD regulars think about us having fun at the expense of their unprovable weird beliefs? Would they string us up, burn us at the stake or run on stage and try and stab us to death?


  2. From the BBC website : ‘Thought for the Day – Reflections from a faith perspective on issues and people in the news.’

    Sir Salman Rushdie? Who he?

    (Though nice defence, PaulT)


  3. Remembering Paul’s parody of WILTY yesterday, I thought at first that we were listening to Rob Brydon.

    Unless I missed something, Roy Jenkins failed to include in his list of oppressive authorities the Christian institutions that had such a stranglehold on society for hundreds of years. He boasted about the number of Christians martyred for their faith; but most historians agree that these were far outnumbered by the pagans and others put to death – often a very horrible death – by Christian authorities. So I’m afraid I can’t get too worked up about one Welshman being the victim of a miscarriage of justice 191 years ago.


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