2 thoughts on “Dr Elizabeth Harris, Honorary Research Fellow, Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion, University of Birmingham

  1. Not really an item in the news from Dr Harris today, but a very personal view of how even minor body disfigurement issues can affect people, especially children and teenagers. Bravo for that.
    However, I’m with the kid who asks “What’s god got to do with it?” and think this is more an issue for All in the Mind or Saturday Live rather than TFTD.
    If you think there is a god who can deliberately allow one of it’s children to be born with one limb missing or a massive birthmark on their face just to test their and others faiths, then that’s a nasty character you are dealing with.
    Being religious is not required to be able to see someone’s inner beauty.


  2. Try as I might, I find it difficult to see much inner beauty in Putin, or Xi, or Trump, or Bolsanaro, or …[insert your own candidate]. Sometimes what you see on the surface is the real person, and it never gets any better.

    And “what’s God got to do with it?” Indeed.


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