Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

We’re all recovering from the excitement of the women’s football final. Which brings me to Christianity, which invented women’s football. We, and by we I mean us, won because we sang the magnificat at the Lambeth conference. I can’t think of anyone better qualified to lecture you on oppressed people’s rights than me and the Church of England.


3 thoughts on “Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

  1. In 1966 women in England weren’t allowed to play competitive football by the male ruled FA committee. They are now, and won the Euros for the first time to national acclaim. Modernisation has proved its worth and the FA is a better organisation because of it..

    In Anglicanism the more conservative global south members are about to take over and it won’t be long after that when a split will occur in the church. Liberal Brits, Americans etc will struggle to allow their bits of the church to return to things that are “incompatible with scripture” which 75% in the Anglican communion are stuck on. There are still those in the for whom the ordination of women causes “distress and pain” due to it being “incompatible with scripture”. Imagine how they feel about same-sex marriage.

    Good luck to the Bishop desperately sticking with his disappearing C of E in a modern non-religious Britain. Nowadays, they are as relevant to most people in the UK as the committee of the FA in 1966 would be.


  2. Philip North is just about the last person in the CofE to be singing the praises of the Lionesses. He is the equivalent of the FA committee who in 1921 “felt impelled to express the strong opinion that the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and should not be encouraged”.

    North is the only apprentice bishop who was compelled to withdraw from not one, but two nominations to become a real bishop because he was opposed to the ordination of women as priests. He is a leading light in a shadowy organisation called The Society ( ) whose sole objective seems to be to fight against women’s ordination. Yet he makes the laughable claim to be a champion for the downtrodden and undervalued. The hypocrisy is astonishing.


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