4 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Did I sense a feeling of anger against her own church from Pepinster today? No doubt she would say that those abusers from her church and those who chose to forgive them don’t represent the beliefs of the majority within the organisation. But it has always been the case that although Jesus preaches forgiveness and redemption, the church so often finds that wrath and hellfire slip more easily off the tongue in order to protect itself. Just like the mafia protects itself.
    Why not leave the rotting edifice that refuses to see justice done for those it abused? What would Jesus do?


  2. As Paul says, Catherine Pepinster did seem quite hacked off with her church this morning. She said most of the right words, although one that was missing was “compensation”: it would be proper justice only if the RCC ends up having to pay through the nose for the crimes of its employees.

    And the Catholic Church has certainly not embraced modern safeguarding procedures with enthusiasm. On the contrary, it has done the minimum it thinks it can get away with, and it has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing even that. Furthermore, it continues to regard admissions made in the confessional as sacrosanct, and not to be reported to the police. So abusive priests can still get away with confessing their sins to a fellow priest, who will absolve them, order a suitable form of penance for them, and keep them to himself.

    It is indeed difficult to see why anyone with a conscience can bring themselves to remain a member of this awful organisation. I wonder how far from the brink Pepinster really is.


  3. “It is indeed difficult to see why anyone with a conscience can bring themselves to remain a member of this awful organisation.”
    I think that people make the wrong decision and then rationalise it afterwards. It seems to be an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

    As an aside, my daughter drew my attention to a seven part series called Midnight Mass. It is a story about vampires that takes place on an island that has a predominantly Catholic community. Obviously fictional but it is very thought provoking as well as being quite riveting. When apparent miracles start occurring the population obviously view this through a Catholic lens. When things start to go awry the justifications for the bad stuff gets interesting. There is a horrible and very devout woman who has a bible quote for every occasion.


    1. Having Googled this I see it’s on Netflix. We don’t have a sub so I guess we won’t be able to see it. Looks an interesting idea though.

      How are you doing, Stonyground? Any Ironman events lately? Perhaps Ironman should be a feature of the Commonwealth Games!


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