Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

The ports and airports are in chaos. (Whatever you do don’t mention the B word. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.) They need to treat this as a pilgrimage. Enjoy the fun of being stuck with three kids in a car for 20 hours.


2 thoughts on “Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

  1. Yes, it’s a news story; and I suppose as an Anglican he needn’t have picked up the Pope’s tour of Canada. Franky says he intends to apologise for his church’s heinous and unforgivable crimes against children; though the RCC seems in no hurry to convict any of the perpetrators or pay out any compensation. Let’s see which TFTDer will give us a ‘faith perspective on that one.

    As for cuddly, cosy, children’s radio uncle, Bishop North, the Andrex puppy of the C of E, he spoke of the disciple James’s travelling to Compostella as if it really happened. He didn’t mention how much money the Pilgrimage church there has extorted from gullible punters over several centuries by telling them a load of bo**ocls and promising miracles, swift passage through purgatory etc etc.


    1. In addition, large stretches of the Camino are a dreary concrete trudge; and in order to do the pilgrimage properly you’re supposed to stay at the official paradors, most of which are riddled with bedbugs.

      My attitude towards pilgrimages is like Mark Twain’s towards golf, which was that it’s a good walk spoiled. A few years ago, some CofE evangelist suggested turning the South Downs Way into the South Downs Pilgrimage Way, starting where the SDW starts in Winchester and being extended at the other end to Canterbury. Fortunately, nothing seems to have come of this. We were walking on the SDW yesterday, and having to put up with hordes of god-botherers would have ruined what was otherwise a perfect day out.


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