2 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Pot, kettle, anyone?

    I don’t know who Catherine Pepinster was trying to convince this morning, but the open-minded listener would have taken away the message that human nature and belief (the part which is not genetically determined, anyway) is entirely a product of culture and environment. Humans have created the gods that seem to them to be most appropriate to their surroundings. Jungle gods look and behave very differently from desert gods.

    The open-minded listener would go on to conclude that there is no reason to believe in desert gods, or jungle gods, or any of them. Especially when you consider the really nasty things that people have done, and carry on doing, in their names.


  2. When they get into theological internal arguments many of those backward looking Anglicans tend to swap to Catholicism which is even more restrictive and backward looking. Women vicars?I’m not having that. Sign me up Pope Francis to your desert patriarchy.
    It always strikes me as odd that two of the Catholic TFTD presenters are women who don’t like the patriarchy they are part of but can’t break the ties that bind.
    A Catholic trying to explain why their religion doesn’t like ‘those gays’ because it was born in desert culture is beyond satire.


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