2 thoughts on “Padraig O Tuama Pádraig Ó Tuama, poet, theologian and mediator

  1. It must be great to be a theologian; and even better if you can call yourself a poet and mediator as well. You don’t have to know anything about anything; all you have to do is sit in your armchair, riffle through your BBoMS for phrases you can wrench out of context, and string a couple of hundred words together. And nobody can question or criticise you because, by its very nature, theology is not amenable to evidence and reason.

    Hence Pádraig Ó Tuama’s throwaway line: “hope that is based only on evidence is not strong enough”. On the contrary: realistic and deliverable plans grounded firmly in the evidence is the only hope we’ve got.


  2. Tuama is wrong. Hope that is based on evidence is really the strongest hope. Betting on a horse that has won its last three races means you have a better chance of winning. Hope based on religious nonsense is the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket. Except we know that you will never win because your hope is that you will win the lottery and get to heaven. But you won’t. Because, even though you hope it does, heaven doesn’t exist.
    Elsewhere Tuama writes that “Religion does not only provide a storypoem about the earth’s creation, it also provides a form by which we can create, and recreate, break and makebelieve.” Exactly. Make believe. Hopelessly hoping that we didn’t notice that first and foremost he is a story teller of fables.


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