Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

We’re in the middle on both a national and an international crisis. But where is the vision? We know from the Big Book of Magic Stuff that we get our vision from the Invisible Magic Friend. Having a vision is really, really important. So if anyone has one, please let us know.


3 thoughts on “Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

  1. In the Bible, or in Christianity generally, the word vision tends to be used where a prophet or mystic has an encounter with God, an Angel, a devil or some other supernatural entity where said completely made up entity imparts a special revelation. Either that or they have a dream (or mental disturbance?) that sends them off to live in a desert for a few years. So not really the sort of vision that Banner was discussing today.
    Maybe Boris had a vision of being sent to the desert last night and it made him change his mind. More likely he had a more realistic vision of joining the ex-PM speaker’s circuit earning oodles of dosh for years to come and suddenly realised where his true vocation lies.


  2. Having a revelation from the IMF was the only acceptable way of acquiring your message back in first-century Palestine. In the half-dozen “genuine” (ie early) Epistles of ‘Paul’, the author makes it clear that all his preaching comes either from the Hebrew Scriptures or in a direct revelation from the Lord. He actually emphasises several times that he did not get his message from other human beings. Indeed, he never tells us anything about the supposed life, ministry and teaching of Jesus. Not surprisingly, many people have concluded that, at the time ‘Paul’ was writing, Jesus was thought to have been a purely spiritual being, not a flesh-and-blood human at all.

    Does Michael Banner really think a “vision” created by some entity above and beyond the earth is out there, waiting for us to adopt or to be imposed on us? It is a hugely dangerous delusion. It reminds me of when Theresa May said that, thanks to her Christian faith, she was totally confident that she could trust her gut instinct. This was genuinely one of the most frightening things I’ve heard a Prime Minister say.


    1. I wonder how much Boris’s conversion to Catholicism helped him during these difficult last few days and hope that Pepinster might give us an insight soon.
      The church must be so pleased that such an honourable and humble man will now have more time to spread the gospel and go to confession.


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