Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

Peter Brook, the theatre director, is dead. Which brings me to Buddhism. This is exactly like a theatrical production: spiritual, empty, and full of big, mysterious sounding words.

3 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. Yesterday we had Tilby with her “world resting on what is undiscoverable” and today we get the “ungraspable ground of being.”
    Anyone would think that we have never done any research into the biology of the human brain or studies of how the mind works.
    I can watch or listen to a piece of art, theatre or music and feel a sense of wonder at the beauty created by other humans. Others can feel the same with singing hymns in church, or listening to opera, death metal or Tibetan chanting which leave others feeling nothing.
    There is no god particle, no ‘sublime distillation’, bouncing around in the theatre of your mind; there is just your brain to tell your mind how to react.
    Enjoy your meditation but stop pretending there is a magical something else.


  2. Where is Anne Atkins when you need(???) her ?

    She could dredge up Plato and the ‘slaves in the cave watching shadows’ to waffle breathlessly about percertions of reality.

    To a very small degree, I can see where Tilby & Blomfield*** may possibly coming from, but failing to articulate: we all create a working model in our minds of the universe as experienced by our senses; nobody knows exactly how his/her model aligns with other people. Ultimately ‘reality’ is our own construct. “What is truth?” is a perceptive question.

    All that said… mental illnesses aside, we collectively agree on a wide range of common experiences and their interpretation. The common world views are open to investigation. Hypotheses can be presented and then tested – this is the way science [and to be fair most of human advancement] progresses.

    Where the likes of TFTD presenters (and their more radical and fundamentalist enablers) differ is:

    (1) predition / testability / refinement is not only dropped – it is forbidden; ‘faith’ (despite lack of evidence) is the ‘only way’

    (2) the mental world image of a few is taken as absolutely and unquestionably correct and is to be imposed on everyone else – whether they like it or not; this is used to justify intrusion into other people’s private lives, persecution and murder

    (3) any gaps in knowledge or personal world view mental models are not acknowledged as such but are filled with ‘spiritual’ deepities and imaginary friends.

    *** I actually wrote Bloefeld first 🙂 Freudian typo !


  3. Two excellent comments above. Much more grounded than any “ground of being” that Vishy and Tilby manage to come up with.

    If a theatre director is any good, as Peter Brook was, he’s not going to present his audience with an ungraspable ground of being. He’s going to try to make it graspable, or at least approachable, or people are going to label him a pretentious pseud, and stop coming to his productions. Brook succeeded, on the whole, even with difficult subjects like the Mahabharata.

    But Vishi knows all about the theatre. He had some acting lessons once, after all.


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