Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

Happy 10th anniversary of the God Particle everyone! This holy particle was created by the creator to give all other particles mass. He created dark matter too, whatever it is.

Some scientists claim there is no creator. They are of course wrong, as they would know if they were a bit more humble, like my religion, which is right about everything and knows for certain that the creator exists.



4 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. Angela Tilby tells us for a fact that some things ‘are undiscoverable save by humility, prayer and love”. Not just undiscovered, mark you, but undiscoverable.

    This is the sound of a believer panicking. Her assertion amounts to “there are mysteries we don’t understand, therefore Goddidem”. The scientist replies “there are mysteries we don’t yet understand, but we’re working on them”.

    The physics of everyday experience is completely understood. It has no need, or indeed room, for any supernatural entities. The gaps in which the IMF can hide are getting ever smaller: down around the Planck volume now, I should think.

    Meanwhile, the late Leon Lederman, Nobel laureate, who invented the inaccurate term “God Particle” has a lot to answer for. Especially as he was said to be a confirmed atheist.


    1. Lederman’s original title for the book was “The Goddamn particle”, because – as he said – “that might be a more appropriate title, given its villainous nature and the expense it is causing”. But the publisher refused to allow the title, and he had to compromise and call the book “The God Particle”.
      The fact that it continues to be referred to by this title frustrates me, rather than calling it by it’s actual name – the Higgs Boson.


  2. Apparently, nothing else in the news where Tilby could talk about morals and ethics so let’s have a look at how equal science and religion are in terms of their believability. As you would expect she ends with the usual get-out-of-gaol card reserved for those who believe in the supernatural by saying that “I think this world ultimately rests on what is undiscoverable, except by humility, prayer and love.”
    So according to Tilby, there are things that are undiscoverable by scientific practice that are discoverable by humility, prayer and love. What are these things that are undiscoverable? She doesn’t say, because there is nothing she can prove.
    Humility means being open to the possibility of being wrong, being willing to consider other people’s ideas and being respectful of your seniors, your peers and your subordinates.
    I would argue that most scientists follow this doctrine but the whole ethos of faith as being based on something undiscoverable means whatever evidence is offered to you, you must never doubt your faith. This is the opposite of humility.
    Just more humble bragging from a believer in the supernatural who cannot take the reality of the world at face value.
    And when CERN scientists do discover dark matter, those of faith will still find their god in the shrinking gaps of human knowledge.


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