2 thoughts on “Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

  1. There is so much confusion around the politics and ethics of the human rights of the female of our species and ensuring women are treated equally and fairly in society. Unfortunately some groups in society seem hell bent on keeping women from accessing those rights. Embarrassingly for me as a presenter on TFTD one of the worst culprits from a western secular viewpoint is the religion that I am here to represent this morning. If only the supernatural creator that I believe in had been more specific about his views on female equality then maybe I wouldn’t be having to make this plea.
    I understand it is easier for some members of society who aren’t hamstrung by a belief in one particular magical friend to state the blooming obvious, but that isn’t my role.
    And let’s not dwell on the Pride celebrations around the Muslim world this weekend.


  2. Yes, Mona was ploughing a lonely furrow this morning. I can’t think of a single Muslim country with a genuine regard for human rights in general, let alone specifically women’s rights. The few that even pay lip service to the concept turn out to be those that have been influenced to some extent by Western colonialism, such as Oman, Jordan or Malaysia.

    And even in this country, most of the Islamic ‘authorities’ are pretty hard-over, thanks largely to the complacency of successive Governments, who were content to allow a whole series of fundamentalist Deobandi imams into the UK. Good luck to Mona; but we need to face the fact that her liberal attitudes are far from the mainstream.


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