4 thoughts on “Julie Siddiqi, Co-Founder of the Jewish and Muslim Women’s network, Interfaith Specialist and Equalities Consultant

  1. Hi, I’m an Interfaith Specialist. You may wonder what that means so here’s a bit of an explanation. As with science, one compares bits of different religions to see which, if put to a test, would then be considered best practise.
    I notice that some people pray by kneeling by a bed at night and putting their hands together in front of them, or putting little statues of supposedly holy things in little shrines and kneeling in front of them. Well it’s been found that if you do those things then the one and only specific god that matters just ignores you. What you have to do is get a mat and kneel on it with your head touching the ground every so often, then god will listen.
    If you think that swinging a vessel of burning incense while wearing expensive embroidered clothing will get god’s attention then think again. What you need to do is wear a basic white covering and walk round and round a building in a specific direction. He really takes notice then.
    Don’t worry if you are doing all your religious rituals wrong or ignoring religious rituals altogether. As long as your intentions are sincere then my studies have shown that the one and only god is very forgiving and will not allow anything bad to happen to you.


  2. I wondered what an Interfaith Specialist actually does for a living. Thanks to Paul, we now know.

    I must say, the Haj sounds awful. As the extremely camp actor Ernest Thesiger is supposed to have replied when asked what the Battle of the Somme had been like, “Oh, my dear, the noise! and the people!” Damn dangerous too: in 1990, 1,426 pilgrims died when a bridge collapsed. I think I’ll stick to my solemn fortnightly pilgrimage to Harlequins home matches.


  3. “Today on “I know this sounds silly but…” let’s talk about going to a special place to join lots of people for an amazing experience and with the aim of “all sins being wiped clean”. Yes, it does sound hard to believe, doesn’t it!
    “And before you even think about making comparisons with Glastonbury – just don’t ☹
    “In coming episodes of “I know this sounds silly but…” you’ll hear someone talk seriously about their idols, dog collars, yoga mats, prayer positions, bread & wine, etc.
    “This wonderfully diverse religious stuff would qualify for Thought for the Day if only an item of news were involved. Maybe we could incorporate that – or simply get TFTD to lower its standards [er, do you mean ‘amend its criteria’? – Ed].”


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